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Microtime Technologies, Inc. is well-known both in U.S. and as a worldwide designer  and manufacturer of quartz frequency control products-quartz oscillators, filters and crystals dedicated for various applications such as telecommunications, navigation, test & measurement, digital broadcasting, search and rescue systems, etc.
We are committed to on-going research and development programs that focus both on product innovation and enhanced manufacturing processes. Every device is guaranteed to be a high quality, precise and stable frequency control product that will allow you to elevate your system to the next level of performance.
Thanks to highly qualified personnel, effectively operating quality control system and technology excellence successfully supplies products not only in U.S., but also to the markets of the Canada, Germany, the UK, China, Japan, Malaysia and many other countries.
Customer technologists can rely on Microtime for total technical support in selecting the best frequency control solutions for their application.

Tel: +1-336-678-3618   E-mail: sales@mti-microtime.com

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